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Burma mushrooms are a potent strain of Psilocybe cubensis, originally discovered in the Southeast Asian region of Burma (now Myanmar). Known for their fast growth and robust effects, these mushrooms feature medium-sized caps that range from reddish-brown to golden in color, with sturdy stems. Users of Burma mushrooms often experience intense visual and auditory hallucinations, a profound sense of euphoria, and deep introspective thoughts. This strain is popular among both novice and experienced psychonauts for its consistent potency and reliable effects. As with all psilocybin mushrooms, careful dosing, responsible use, and a safe environment are crucial to ensure a beneficial and enlightening experience.

Burma Mushrooms

  • Micro Dose: 0.25gram

    Low Dose: 0.25gram - 1gram

    Medium Dose: 1gram - 2grams

    High Dose: 4grams +


    Please note that the consumption of psilocybin mushrooms should be approached with respect and caution. It is essential to educate yourself on proper dosage and potential effects.

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